Alhad and Swati Kashikar are both ‘Ghazal’ singers who are deeply passionate about ‘Ghazals’. They express the myriad forms of human emotions through the medium of their voices. Alhad is the disciple of Pandit Bhavdeepji Jaipurwale. He has composed many ‘Ghazals’, written by eminent Shayars like Janisar Akhtarji, Padmashri Nida Fazliji, Bashir Badraji and others. Swati Kashikar is the ardent disciple of Smt. Sandhytai Kathavate and owes all her mastery over the art to her. Alhad has been performing at concerts since two decades now and since 2011 Alhad and Swati have been performing together at various places like Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and prestigious meets like the one with Padmashri Nida Fazliji at Pune. Their love for ‘Ghazal’ has made them realize their inner potentials and soulfulness and now they wish to share this beautiful medium of poetry and music with others.

Alhad Kashikar 

Hailing from Amravati, now settled in Mumbai, Maharashtra – Alhad Kashikar is known for his refinement in singing ‘Ghazals’. Alhad did his MBA (Marketing) and working as Management Consultant, Poet, Freelance Journalist, Author and Orator. He has been delivering lectures on Economics, Sociology, International Relations, Social Issues etc. He also likes to read biographies of eminent personalities like Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi, Socrates, Karl Marx among others and also delivers lectures on them. With a repertoire of solving highly critical problems and delivering under high pressure situations, Alhad has found success at various things like Social Activism, HR, Management and Chess which he played at a national level. He was also awarded the most innovative entrepreneur of the year by Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MCED) and is a Director of the Sandipani Medicinal Plants Project. He is currently running his own management consultancy firm named Socrates Solutions.

 Swati Kashikar

Swati Kohe Kashikar is a lawyer and Ghazal singer. She is a student of Smt. Sandhyatai Kathawate (classical singer) and constantly tries to improve her music skills by keeping herself up-to-date with the medium. Being a lawyer by profession she practices in the ‘Domestic Violence Act’ and works with a Pune based NGO. She has also heavily contributed to the Jimmy Carter Foundation which builds low-cost homes for labourers. She also runs a Campaign Awareness Program which is concerned with the ‘Fundamental Rights’ of the citizens among rural areas, which she delivers through lectures and drama. The Hon. Bombay High Court has also appreciated her efforts and has offered certificates to her group for their various contributions.